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2KO delivers cutting-edge IT products in the consulting and business services space, as well as offering top-rated training for various IT vendors. Our internationally recognised courses can be offered either as hands-on full time classes, or as online learning, to ensure students have access to the best training in Ethiopia.


Non-IT Courses

Leadership Courses

Management and Personal Development Courses


IT Courses

Bootstrap 3 - Develop Responsive Websites

Build Android Apps with App Inventor 2 No Coding Required

Build a Responsive Website Course

Build Your Own Online Business with WordPress

Create a Drag & Drop File Uploader For Websites

Create Stunning Promo Videos in 30 Minutes or Less

CSS and CSS3 Fundamentals

Dart Web Components

Data Analysis with Python and Pandas

Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib

Game Development with Unity 5

Google Go Programming for Beginners   

iOS 9 App Development For Beginners

Java Game Development

Learn Java From Scratch

JavaScript Fundamentals

jQuery for Beginners

Learn PHP Programming from Scratch

MySQLi For Beginners

Perl Programming for Beginners

Photoshop CC Essentials

Project Management Professional

Python Programming for Beginners

Python Web Programming

Risk Management Professional

Ruby On Rails for Beginners

Sass for CSS - Introduction to

Sketch 3 Mobile App Design

Swift Programming for Beginners

Typography From A to Z
Unity 3D - Learn Level Design with Blender